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Bringing Literacy Home
Bringing Literacy Home. (2010). KaiLonnie Dunsmore and Douglas Fisher, Editors. Published by International Reading Association.
Becoming the Change
Becoming the Change: What one organization working to transform educational systems learned about team learning and change. (2011). Rex Babiera and Hallie Preskill. Published by The Ball Foundation.
Taking Inquiry to Scale
Taking Inquiry to Scale: An inquiry into educator collaboration and inquiry-based approaches to improving practice. (2013). Michael Palmisano. Published by National Center for Literacy Education.
Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned: Partnering with mid-size urban school districts. (2012). A report of The Ball Foundation.
Designed to Learn
Designed to Learn: School remodeling projects for the twenty-first century. (2012). Rex Babiera. Web site and e-book (available for iPad and Kindle).
coming soon
An End to the Industrial-ization of Schooling: New ways for organizing learning in the 21st century. (2013). Robert C. Hill. Published by The Ball Foundation (in development).

White paper: Comparing what we have to what we need. (2012). The Ball Foundation. Download PDF.

Learning from an adaptive-consultative approach: One foundation's experience in creating systems change in education. (2011). Srik Gopalakrishnan and Hallie Preskill. The Foundation Review, 2(4), 119-132. Article available for purchase (opens in new window).

Embracing the "gift story": Organizational redesign in a time of crisis in public education. (2010). Srik Gopalakrishnan. The OD Practitioner, 42 (1), 4-9. Download PDF.

Sustaining literacy improvement for every student through whole systems change: The Ball Foundation Education Initiatives value proposition. (2008). Download PDF.

Implementing a principle-based approach to transforming school systems. (2008). Srik Gopalakrishnan. Submitted to The OD Practitioner. Download PDF.

Graphic: The Ball approach, an adaptive process for change. (2005). Mary Corrigan. Download PDF.

The practice of communities of practice in school districts: An introduction. (2004). Joann Ricci and Myron Rogers. Download PDF.

School district partnerships: evaluation, impact, and stories of transformation

Poised for Change
Poised for Change: Stories of personal and organiza-tional transformation in Rowland Unified School District. (2010). Download booklet (PDF) for excerpts or visit web site for complete stories.
We'll leave the leadership light on for you
We'll Leave the Leadership Light on for You: Stories of instructional leadership in Northview Public Schools. (2007). Maureen Grey, Editor. Download PDF.
Review, Fall 2005
Review, Education Initiatives newsletter, Fall 2005. Voices of educators from Springfield, Ilinois and Chula Vista, California. Download PDF.
Review, Spring 2007
Review, Education Initiatives newsletter, Spring 2007. Stories of instructional leaders in Northview Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Download PDF.
Review, Fall 2007
Review, Education Initiatives newsletter, Fall 2007. One teacher's personal journey of transformation (Victor Lombardi, Rowland Unified School District). Download PDF.
Review, Fall 2008
Review, Education Initiatives newsletter, Fall 2008. Partnership agreement with Rowland Unified School District; family engagement work in Springfield, Illinois. Download PDF.

Impacting student learning starts with changing how educators learn. (2011). Memorandum prepared by evaluator Catherine Nelson, Ph.D., about the partnership with Rowland Unified School District. Download PDF.

Report: Evidence of the impact of the Ball Foundation partnerships on Springfield and Chula Vista school districts. (2008). Download PDF.

Testimonials from educators in Springfield, Illinois; Chula Vista, California, and Northview (Grand Rapids), Michigan. (2005). Download PDF.

Final Rowland Unified School District partnership evaulation presentation (opens in new window), prepared for the Ball Foundation Board by evaluator Catherine Nelson, Ph.D., September 2011:

Tools and frameworks

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School Design Collaborative Handbook (PDF): A guide to school improvement using shared leadership and site-based decision-making

Map of Reality (PDF): A protocol for group reflection


Visit our Vimeo page for recent video clips of educators (opens in new window) from the foundation's partner school districts sharing what they have learned.

GFE 2012 Annual Conference

Materials from the foundation's presentation: handout (PDF), report about Rowland Unified School District partnership (PDF), video clip, and graphic record (click on image below to enlarge).

Grantmakers for Education session chart

Consortium reports

Executive summaries

Using What We Have to Get the Schools We Need: A Productivity Focus for American Education. (1995). Executive summary (PDF). In 1995, the foundation convened a group of scholars from various sectors to examine some of the issues facing public education in America. Their report identified subsystems in education and their relationship to one another. The report concluded that because the subsystems are all interconnected, piecemeal reforms of those subsystems would fail to create lasting and meaningful change.

20/20 Vision: A Strategy for Doubling America's Academic Achievement by the Year 2020. (1998). Executive summary (PDF). In 1998, a follow-up report offered eight strategies to cut in half the percentage of students performing at the basic level or below on examinations, such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress in reading, math, and science, within two decades.

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